Tank Locating
Septic Tank

Tanks can be buried anywhere from 2" to over 6' depending on what sort of landscaping has taken place since it was installed.

Most tanks are buried within 50' of the home. Many have a clean-out pipe that is above ground level, close to the  outside wall.

Buried Septic Tank

Driving a steel rod into the soil until it hits the tank will tell you how deep it's buried (Be careful for pipes & electrical lines). Slumped ground, first snow melted area in spring, dead lawn areas, can also give clues to its location.

Every system is different & a pipe can turn & head another direction at any point.  The county keeps records of most systems that drew a permit.  At no charge, they will send you a map called an as-built showing the tanks location.

Sevens County As-built records
spokane County As-built Records

We can electronically locate your tank. A transmitter is flushed down a drain then followed by a receiver outside. Call today!