Septic tank pumping in Deer Park, Loon Lake, Chewelah, Colville, & surrounding areas provided by Prettyman's Septic Service & Portable Restrooms

The scum layer floats on the top of the effluent, slowly decays, then falls to the bottom of the tank as sludge






If to much water, bleach, dish detergent, antibacterial soap, etc,  is flushed into the tank the scum layer stops decaying & builds up until the baffles are blocked & the tank backs up. Pumping is necessary to give it a fresh start. Although enzymes can minimize the system from failing in this way, it does not eliminate the need for routine pumping. Over time, the sludge layer also builds up until the baffles are blocked. The tank does not have to be full of sludge for this to happen. The baffles, especially the center one, hang down halfway to the bottom. Once the sludge has built up to this point, the flow is blocked & a backup will occur.

Plumbing Vent

We do not recommend waiting until your tank backs up!  The force of the water coming into the tank many times pushes the sludge into the second chamber. When it fills, it's forced into the drain field. Repairing a drainfield costs thousands of dollars & is never worth the risk.

Duration Between Septic Tank Pumps

When the plumbing is draining slow, it can be caused by one of two factors.


  1. The Tank is backed up.


If this is the case, you will experience trouble in all the drains. Generally the lowest drain will overflow.


  2. The plumbing vent is blocked.


If the toilet level lowers, drains, or gurgles without overflowing, you know this is the issue. Try running a garden hose down the vent to see if it will accept fluid.